Sandy Point Church

 August 12 -18, 2018

Pastor  - Mike Melton


Deacons Jim Brewer, Dwayne Kee, Jerry Chandler, Don Rogers, Rick Sturdivant 

Song Leader – Jack Holladay, Piano – Judy Wagner, Organ – Sue Hollowell

Children’s ChurchSheila Melton, Donna Victor

Sunday School  –  Jim Durdin, Rick Sturdivant, Donna Moore, Danielle Sturdivant,

Donna Victor, Jim Victor Supt.

Youth Team –  Jean Chandler, Donna Moore, Courtney Smith, Donna & Jim Victor

Sunday School - 10 a.m. 
Worship - 11 a.m.
Sunday Night Worship - 6 pm.
Wednesday Night Bible Study - 6 p.m.
  Wednesday Night Youth - 6 p.m.



August 2018 

Johnny Anglin / Brittney Ashley / Pat Barrells / William Baker / Mary Katherine Beard / Jr Bell / Logan Bennett / Danny Black / Pauline Bricker / Malcolm Burke / June Butler / F. B. Cain / Jacob Chambers / Mary Lou Christian / John Churchwell / Betty Clay / Orville Cline / Carson Cole / Jeff Collins / Randy Collins / Doris Cooley Jace Cope / Ethan Craven / Jane Creasy / Charles & Dean Cunningham / William Curtis / Ricky Dardy / Sandra DeAngelis / David Douglas / Elton Douglas Jr / Rebeca Douglas /David  Downard / Billy Doyle / Dickie Eden / Hulon Farrah / Darlene Fulsom / Olivia Frazee / Reba & Robert French / Joe Gaskins / Sara Goforth / Bro Leonard & Brenda Greer / Keri Haggard / Jackson Hamn / Pam Hardin / Mack Hemby / Leslie Hicks / Lou Hicks / Patty Higdon / Jimmy Hivick / Drew Holladay / Brenda Hollingsworth / Lonnie Hollingsworth / Elain Jackson / Josh Jackson / Charlotte Johnson / Cherita Johnson / Shirley Kennedy / David Kirk / Debbie Knapp / J T Lagace / Jerimiah Langford / Bruce Larkins / Jo Ann LaVert / Don Lee / Austin Lowe / Joy Mallet / Al May / Mathew McGahey / David McLaughlin / Van McNutt / Vance Melton / Kim Miller / Dianah Mills / Susan Mills / Wilburn Moore / Donald Neil / David Odle / Buckley Parker / Alivia Parks / Michael Phifer  Dwayne & Tori Pierpoint / Jo Ann Prince / Martha Pruitt / Mitchell Rayburn / Wendy Rayburn / Mark Riding / Terry Sales / Shirley Scott / Lawrence Scroggins / Louise Scroggins / Roger Scroggins / Lisa Skinner / Louise Sparks / Bettye Spence / Butch Steele / Christine Terry / Genia Terry / Colin Tharpe / Bruce Turner / Sharon Turner / Debbie Watson / Gary Weathers / Justin Whitman / Shorty Wright / Jace Wilson

 Our Prayers Go Out To These Recent Concerns:  

Karen Allen / Karen Anderson / Sylvia Atkins / Rebecca Ayers / Terri Bailey / Joan Baker / Larry Baker / Diana Barucki / David Beebe / Helen Beebe / LeJune Berry / Verne Berry / Ann Bouldin / Kathy Boyd / Jim-Diane Brewer / Jimmy Brinkley / Pat Bryant / Lindsey Caldwell / Gary Carter / Mildred Chandler / Don Churchwell / Callie Cole / Dorothy Cosens / Margie Clendennin / Brian Cunningham / Ronnie Daniels / Steve & Linda Davis / Barbara Deaton / Justin Dillingham / Jerry Dobson / Jim Durdin / Glindel Ellis / Todd Ellis / Justin Epperson / Wayne Fortner / Bradly & Carolyn French / Karen French / Jason Goforth / Margaret Hartley / Maudean Higdon / Peggy Higdon / Phillip Higdon / John Michael Holladay / Delia Holland / Justin Holland / Annie Hollingsworth Lesley Hollingsworth / Mallory Hollingsworth / Stanley Hollingsworth / Toni Hollingsworth / Michael Hollis / Steve Hollowell / Sue Hollowell / Jerry Hoskins / Franklin Jones / Ricky Jones / Audrey King / Katie Luther / Barbara Martin / Roberta McCain / Don McCartney / Jason McMillon / Avery McNeil / Kerry Melton / Oneal Melton / Shirley Melton / Susan Melton / Lori Moseley / Dooka Nolen / Lisa Nunnery / Chuck Patrino / Lisa Payne / Bill Raymer / Dottie Robinson / Jill Shomaker / Stacey Smothers / Lesley Sparks / Rick Sturdivant / Joe Swearingen / Dot Swist / Debbie Townsend / Lillard & Nadine Turner / Connie Victor / Ann Waters / Elyease Watson / Tony Wilson                                                                                        






Camden/Bruceton Nursing Home Residents

Gene Crews / Helen Pewitt / Paul Victor / Danny Weatherly

Remember The Church, Our Nation & World, Prison Ministry, Ministerial Alliance,
Disaster Victims, and Our Military In your daily prayers! 


 Today (August 12, 2018)

 Sunday School -10 a.m.
► Worship - 11:00 a.m.

  Sunday Evening Service Dismissed


   Children’s  Church:
Ages 3 thru 8

 Birthdays & Anniversaries



12th – Jeannie Duff

13th – Abby Holladay, John Michael Holladay

16th – Juan Garcia

18th – Delia Mae Holland

 Join us on Wednesday Evenings

For just one hour, Bible Study - at 6 p.m.




Van Ministry Coordinator Gary Moore @ 584-2395

Prayer Requests, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Announcements, etc. for the bulletin, contact Chris Stephan by Friday @ 593-5479 or

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Expressing Gratitude to God

A Psalm of praise. Make a joyful noise unto the LORD, all ye lands. Serve the LORD with gladness: come before his presence with singing. Know ye that the LORD he is God: it is he that hath made us, and not we ourselves; we are his people, and the sheep of his pasture. Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts with praise: be thankful unto him, and bless his name. For the LORD is good; his mercy is everlasting; and his truth endureth to all generations.  (Psalms 100:1-5)

If you’re a Christian, you probably know that thanking the Lord for His blessings is an important aspect of your relationship with Him. But have you ever considered the different ways this can be done? Gratitude isn’t limited to verbal expressions or prayers but can actually be demonstrated in a variety of ways.

In the Psalms, one of the most frequently mentioned methods of conveying thanks is by singing. Songs can often say what our heart feels but has trouble articulating. As the words from our favorite hymns or praise songs flow from our lips, we are reminded of who God is and the magnitude of His salvation and love for us. And singing isn’t reserved just for church. When we’re filled with gratitude, we may find ourselves humming or singing songs that magnify the Lord wherever we are.

Another way to express gratefulness is by serving God—whether through acts of kindness, teaching Sunday school or Bible study, organizing a ministry, reaching out to marginalized people, sharing the gospel with the lost, helping someone in need, or giving financially. Every one of these can be offered to God with an attitude of thanksgiving for all He’s done for us.

Ultimately, we show the Lord our gratitude through obedience. A holy life flows from a heart filled with thankfulness for God’s grace, mercy, love, and salvation. Instead of living for ourselves and our own pleasures, we’ll want to exalt Christ in all that we do, say, and think. And as we allow God’s Spirit to control us, He will faithfully enable us to live in a manner that is pleasing and honoring to the Lord.



The Purpose of Sandy Point G.B. Church is to:

- Proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ

- Win others to faith in Jesus Christ

- Minister the ordinances of the church

- Teach observance of all things Christ commanded

- Nurture members in Christian growth

- Extend the Kingdom of God though "world wide" mission efforts

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