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Sandy Point General Baptist Church is located on Highway 70, three miles west of Camden, TN. "A Child Dies - A Church Is Born", was the title of an article in the General Baptist Messenger, Thursday, Mar. 31, 1949. The death of a nine year old boy in a car accident, made H.F. McDaniel aware of the need for a church school in the community.

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Sunday School was started on Jan. 1, 1944 in the afternoon. Twenty-seven people were present even though it was sleeting and snowing. They met in a small school-house building with an average attendance in 1944 of 39. Soon there was preaching every Sunday. Sometimes there were four of five preachers of different faiths present. God blessed in the services and soon there were many people interested in being baptized and starting a church.

The church was organized June 5, 1946 by Bro. H.A. Douglas and members of "The New Liberty Presbytery." Bro. McDaniel gave the land and a small block building was erected in 1946. There were eleven charter members, Jeffery and Ila Hollingsworth, Robert and Callie King, Erwin King, J.L. King, Kenneth Hollingsworth, Luradean J. Melton, H.A. and Ida Douglas and Mrs. Adilade Douglas who may have been the eleventh as she was very active in the early church.

First Deacons were, Bro. Jeffery Hollingsworth ordained in 1947, William Luther (1879 1968) came as a deacon from Prospect, Bro. H.F. McDaniel, (1882-1964) joined the church Oct. 9, 1947, coming as a deacon from the First Baptist Church of Camden, Bro. Troy Black (1896-1975), Merlon Hollingsworth became deacon in 1951 and later went to Westside General Baptist Church, Bro. Orin Baker (1915-1970), Bro. O’Neal Melton and ordained in 1952. Bro. J.D. Bond, 1928- ordained in 1954, Bro. Lillard Turner, 1920- ordained in 1954, Bro. Paul Jordan, 1925-, was a deacon from 1959 to 1984, Bro. Herman Markham ordained in 1951, came as a deacon from Prospect General Baptist Church in 1962 and left in 1975, Bro. Clifford Markham, ordained in 1975, Bro. Donald Rogers, 1939, ordained also in 1975, Bro. Dwayne Kee, 1948, ordained in 1978, Bro. Wayne Hastings, l928-, ordained in 1980,  Bro. Samuel Watson, 1926- , was ordained in 1984, and Bro. Jimmy Brewer ordained in 1997.

First Pastor was Bro. H. A. Douglas (1899-1985). His ministry began in 1932. He pastored the church from 1946-1950, and died on Dec. 20, 1985 and is buried in the church cemetery.

Pastors until the present time:

1950-1953, Bro. E.J. Baker (1912-19- ) ordained in 1948.1954 Bro. Monroe Sarratt (1913-19-)  ordained Sept. 24, 1953.

1955-1956, Bro Claudie Bradford (1 927-19- ) ordained May 30, 1955.

1957-1962, Bro. ER. Herrin (1924-1974) ordained as deacon on Sept. 23, 1954. Ordained as Miinister on Sept. 20, 1956.

1963-1964, Bro. H. L. Holland, ordained 1959.

1965-1976, Bro. L.H. Greer (1935-19- ) ordained Sept. 24, 1959. Now pastoring Prospect General   Baptist Church near Camden.

1977-1978, Bro. George Epperson (1929-19- ) ordained in 1962.

1979-1989, Bro. David Gargus (1943-19 ordained Sept. 26, 1971).

1989-2000, Bro. Brent Brewer ordained Oct. 25, 1987.

2000-         , Bro. Mike Melton ordained Sept. 22, 1984.

First Church Clerk was Kenneth Hollingsworth in 1947. Lindell Watson in 1950.

Church Clerks until present:

1952-53, Monroe Sarratt

1954-55, H.F. McDaniel

1955-83, James H. Hicks. He was also the Association Clerk from 1959-1970.

1985-89, Harry Watson

1090-92, Jerry Chandler

1993-    , James H. Hicks

Song leaders were Bro. H.F. McDaniel, Porter Stigall, Lyndell Watson, Claudie Bradford, Herman Markham, Clarence Gillihan, Wayne Hastings, and at the present, Gary Moore.

Early pianist were Lillian B. French, Polly W. Hlollingsworth, Norma B. Pettyjohn.

Some early Sunday School secretaries were Rena Mai F. Larkins, 1951-58, Norma Pettyjohn, 1959, Margaret B. Hartley 1953-54, Shirley B. Markham, 1963, Shirley Pace, 1964.

Some of the preachers called out from Sandy Point are:

1954, Bro. O’Neal Mlelton who was ordained in 1955; 1955, Claudie Bradlord; 1959, James Glisson; 1982, Rick Black; 1983, Charles W. Patterson, Mike Melton; 1985 Brent Brewer; 1985 Don Churchwell; 1987 Tim Coleman.


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